Aakash Mudra Benefits

Hello Friends. In today's article we will talk about Aakash Mudra. What is Aakash Mudra?  How is Aakash Mudra done? Aakash Mudra Benefits, Types of Aakash Mudra, Effects of Aakash Mudra on the body, Things to note while doing Akash Mudra and many more about to learn so let get started.

What is Aakash Mudra?

    The word "Aakash" means sky or space. It correspondence to the space element which is represented by the middle finger of our hand. Aakash Mudra is the combination of the space element and the fire🔥 element.


    Or in otherwords Aakash Mudra is a symbolic gesture of the hands through which we can enhance the element of the universe within the body through spiritual yoga practice and Ayurveda.

    How to do Aakash Mudra?

    Aakash mudra is easy to do, there is no need to worry nor do you need to do much.  Whatever method we are telling, just do it with a calm mind and trust you will get to see its effect. Follow below instructions to do Aakash Mudra.


    10 Simple Steps to do Aakash Mudra

    1. Stay calm and Sit in Vajrasana, Sukhasana or Padmasana posture.
    2. Meditate for few minutes.
    3. Try to make a circle with middle finger and your thumb.
    4. Other 3 fingers should be straight. Not to be bend or hold.
    5. Do this with both of your hands.
    6. Rest of the hand should be on the knee.
    7. Eyes to be close.
    8. Feel every positive vibes which are surrounding near you.
    9. Exhale Positive vibes through your nose and inhale your negativity through nose.
    10. Try this on daily basis atleast 40 to 45 minutes if possible.

    Aakash Mudra Benefits

    Aakash Mudra the best and simple mudra to rejuvenate the whole body. Akash Mudra Benefits are long lasting only we should have to practice this on daily basis. The benefits of Aakash Mudra keeps you all awake in any condition of your life. It helps to stay calm and makes you feel positive. Its surprising effects are very beneficial for our body.  So let's know what are the benefits of Aakash Mudra.

    Top 15 Aakash Mudra Benefits

    1. Reduce Migraine.
    2. Improves Hearing Loss.
    3. Detox the toxins from body.
    4. Good for heart.
    5. Keeps blood pressure in control.
    6. Develops ESP (Extra Sensory Power).
    7. Activates Throat Chakra
    8. Increase space elements.
    9. Relief from sinusitis pain.
    10. Reduce Hypercalcemia effect.
    11. Fix tooth decay, Cavity.
    12. Get rid from brittle bones.
    13. A good Heart exercise.
    14. Relief from Neck Pain.
    15. Relief from Shoulder Pain.

    Precautions While Doing Aakash Mudra

    Do Akash Mudra by keeping few things in mind because there are many things which are worth and it is very important for you to know them.

    1. If you are suffering from the imbalance of Vata then you should practice it with some patience.
    2. Don't put pressure while doing Aaksh Mudra. 
    3. Do at calm place.
    4. Avoid Electronic Gadgets.
    5. Don't Wear tight clothes.
    6. Keep your mind stressfree.
    7. Don't do while walking or eating something.
    8. Try to do with full concentration.


    Aakash Mudra is a ritualistic process which connects our body to the space element. Hope our article helps you to know the better facts about Aakash Mudra Benefits. On a daily basis it helps to boost you for the extra effort. Just you have to follow passionately and sincerly. Aakash Mudra Benefits makes life better so keep trying new things and always spread happiness and possitive vibes. 

    Hope our articles hepls about Aakash Mudra Benefits. So if this article is helpful dont forget to share your valuable comment in the comment box. Thank You :)

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